Kobayashi Noodle CO.,LTD.

We manufacture and sell fresh ramen noodles and gyoza dumpling skins, as well as seasonings such as sauces.

Basic information

Company name Kobayashi Noodle CO.,LTD.
Head office address 006-0832
3-1-46 Akebono 2-Jō, Teine Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Founded 1979
Established March 1982
Executive director Hitoshi Ishii
Director Hiroshi Kobayashi
Koya Kitamura
Number of employees 44 (as of February 2023)
Business details Manufacturing and sales of ramen noodles


1979 Company founded
March 1982 Kobayashi Noodle CO., LTD. is established
November 2022 Becomes a subsidiary of Yoshimura Food Holdings K.K.