1. IR information usage

The IR information displayed on this website aims to provide the financial information and management indicators of Yoshimura Food Holdings K.K. (hereinafter “our company”). However, we do not assert or guarantee the details of such information.
The information displayed on our website is not an invitation to invest. When actually investing, please refrain from making investment decisions based entirely on the information on this website. Please make investment decisions based on your own judgement.

2. Displayed information

Our company takes care when posting information on this website, however, in cases in which there are mistakes, or data falsified by third parties, or damage occurring during download, etc. we accept no responsibility whatsoever.

3. Future outlook

Some of the information displayed on this website concerns future business performance. Such information does not guarantee future performance, and involves risk and uncertainty. Please understand that, due to changes in the environment etc., it may differ from actual business results.

4. Website operation

The operation of this website is subject to suspension and cancellation, and change without prior notice. Depending on the communication environment, your computer condition and other reasons, you may not be able to use this website as intended. Please understand that we accept no responsibility whatsoever for any trouble, loss or damage caused by such issues.