Omusubikororin Honpo Co., Ltd.

In Azumino, at the foot of the Japanese Alps, we manufacture and sell the taste of home, freeze-dried foods and other products.

Basic information

Company name Omusubikororin Honpo Co., Ltd.
Head office address 399-8101
1513-1 Akemori, Misato, Azumino City, Nagano prefecture 399-8101
Capital 240,500,000 yen
Founded August 1973
Established August 1973
Executive director Hitoshi Ishii
Director Shun Ando
Akinori Kawano
Number of employees 46 (as of the end of February 2023)
Business details Manufacturing and sales of freeze-dried foods and other products


August 1973 NIPPON FREEZE DRYING Co.,LTD. is founded
February 1979 Toyoshina factory begins operations
January 1998 Toyoshina factory is transferred to Asahi Beer Foods Co. Ltd.
The company name is changed to Omusubikororin Honpo Co., Ltd.
March 2018 Becomes a subsidiary of Yoshimura Food Holdings K.K.