With the concept of "More joy hidden in Japan", we are engaged in the marketing business of rediscovering, re-editing, and producing local values.

Basic information

Company name ONESTORY Inc.
Head office address Nisso Yoyogi Building 3F, 1-13-12, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0053
Capital 100,000,000 yen
Founded April 2016
Established April 2016
Executive director Tomoki Oorui
Director Tsuyoshi Maruyama
Director Keiichi Ishida
Director Koya Kitamura
Auditor Akinori Kawano
Number of employees 4(as of February 2024)
Business details Marketing businesses through events, media, marketing solutions, etc.


October 2012 "DINING OUT", a 'limited time premium outdoor restaurant' is launched
April 2016 ONESTORY Inc. is established
April 2022 Becomes a subsidiary of Yoshimura Food Holdings K.K.